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TEMA: Quiet, how good

Quiet, how good hace 3 semanas, 3 días #73303

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Quiet, how good, who knows, who can tell me that I sit quietly and listen quietly, only to hear the pendulum clock ticking me and telling me that it is a voice that has been quiet since ancient times. Up to now, from the distant mountains to the window, from the moment to the quiet of the heart is the time, it is so quiet that even a trace of shadow has nowhere to look Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, so quiet, even everything goes with it. Time is like this, not too slow, not arrogant, calmly and calmly doing it yourself, becoming itself. As a result, it has become the most peaceful state of mind in our eyes, the most stable, the most distant and the most powerful. It has become the most difficult thing in our hearts. The most memorable and precious one is the silence. It comes silently, and suddenly and silently leaves, whether it is night, or dawn, so It is easy to discard it when you have an unbearable itching pain Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. Static is a flower, it does not bother you, nor does it mean a fragrant mood; static is a flower, even if there is pain, there is mourning, there is disappointment, neither speak nor speak, so you always feel that the flower is Such beauty may be that you and I can't do such a kind of silence Newport 100S Carton Price, but whether you can light up a beam of light in such a kind of silence, there is a glimmer of light in the light; in this kind of silence, keep a round of moon In the middle of the month, there is a feeling; in such a quiet, I cross a river, and there is a bunch of flowers in the river. You and I can��t walk quietly in front of the time, but can you sit quietly like this? Next to the time, quietly listening to the sound of lonely flowers, quietly enjoying the beautiful flowers and flowers, the sky is full of beauty, this is also a kind of static, beautiful to the night, a stable, is ��A clearing to the old is a true to the next year. The heart is flat, the thoughts are pure, the love is deep, the love is hard to bear, the time begins to pull longer and longer, and the distance is getting deeper and thicker, the years are getting more and more concentrated, more and more mellow Carton Of Newports 100. How quiet is it, still water is not trouble, quiet, not calm, quiet and uneasy Free Carton Of Newports, still love old.
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