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TEMA: Power outages

Power outages hace 1 semana, 3 días #73370

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Power outages, electric fans, air conditioners, and TVs all stopped, and the house was even hotter. Was pulling the curtains open, only to find that the moonlight tonight is really good! "A long smoke, a thousand miles" is not the scene that is in front of you? Come to the outside balcony, it is also cool, just sleep on the outside balcony for one night Let's go. Just do it, put on the mat Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale, hold up the yurt-like account and lie on the bill, the moonlight is like a wash, the breezy Newports 100S Price, sweeping the irritability of the house when you are bored, but it does not have a taste, so pleasant, "sleep in the bright moonlight "This poetic topic is born." The daughter shouted the call and I would not return to the house. I am afraid of moving. The second is that the moonlight makes me stay in this wonderful moonlight, and I can't help but sleep. The deep and pure night sky made me think. Looking at the bright moon, the ears seem to sound a warm and gentle song: "The moon is walking through the white lotus-like clouds. The evening wind is blowing a happy song. We are sitting next to the high grain pile and listening to my mother. That past thing..." The thoughts swayed and swayed in the night, as if to bring me back to a carefree childhood. When I was a child, I always had a power outage. In the summer night, I always moved out of a long table. My sister and I slept on it to enjoy the cold. Grandma and mother always had a fan on the side, while the parents were short, sometimes they gradually entered the mother��s humming voice. Dreaming. In the days when I met the full moon, I refused to fall asleep early, and I caught fireflies in the haze of the haze. The cornfield was filled with the laughter of my sister and my sister. Today, the night of the city is less interesting, but there is no difference. Style. You see, the high-rise building with lanterns, the lights inside the house and the lights outside the house are set against each other Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, exquisite and translucent, like the pagoda in the hands of Tota. After a while, the lights outside turned red, and the whole building was like a flower, and it was gorgeous and charming. After a while, it turned into a blue world, deep and distant, mysterious. If the night in the past is a Chinese ink painting that emphasizes the faintness and vividness Marlboro Red 100 Carton, then the night of the city is a colorful Western oil painting that gives perfect visual enjoyment Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. The night slowly unfolded her broad mind to me. I gradually felt that I was blended with the night, bathed in the soft moonlight with all things, and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the night. I have never seen the ancient moon. If the ancients are drinking water today, they will all look at the moon. "Let the deep mysterious universe and the clear moon, the deepness of youth, the limited life and the smallness of human beings. Only by standing on the ground, fighting against time and actively investing in life. When we have goals, we have won time. If we go firmly toward the goal, go to work hard, and fight hard, then we can achieve success and happiness. At that time, we can calmly face the moonlight without feeling the gloom.
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