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TEMA: If this tree is a god

If this tree is a god hace 1 semana, 3 días #73239

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If this tree is a god, you face me face to face, a few flowers are showing off, but I may fall in love with the leaves. If the tree is not self-reliant, you will hide the leaves and prepare to put a little flower I am selling to me, but I may not even look at her. I don��t need to tell me that all the leaves have shortcomings. Even the lotus and the jade have slight flaws. How can my heart be with you? But whoever retorts my wish, I have the right not to hold some fascination, I sing the mist that wanders around them, they are clearly existed, but you can't hold it when you open your hand Cigarettes Online Store. A new, transparent thing that slowly formed at this time and grew quietly. Those pure and full of raindrops are like a wine to you. When you are drunk, you forget it together with the horror. After you wake up, you know that you are wrong, but you have to continue to make mistakes. Fortunately, they are so mistaken and noble, they are sacred and sacred, and they are so elegant and elegant. If you haven't swallowed me, how can I turn it into a autumn wave, turn it into a feminine, turn it into a soft milk mist? But it will turn you into a fool! Become foolish! When you think about me, your thoughts are wrong. When you get your lips, your behavior is wrong. When you are in your throat and you are not willing to return, you can't remedy it. When you drink me completely in the belly, with the rules of the world, what else is worthwhile to say? So you are enslaved by this beautiful jade, and every kind of thing is not asked. We will do our best to do it when we do it, and we will try our best to do it within the scope of the extension. This is to overcome every difficult mystery. Then what can you do in the ordinary way, and how can it become insurmountable? Because you always care about the relationship between things and you, always ask The final result of the matter. This is repeated, and without the destruction of others, you will compromise, and you will be discouraged and will be abandoned halfway. You can manage the jade in your hand, but you can't control your own life. Flowers belong to the tree, you have to work hard to get it to bloom, because you have to survive. The cloud doesn't belong to the tree. You'd better relax your hands, and it will flow naturally and open silently. It is correct, others are not, you can still be determined by one person. As long as it is wrong, others are attached, you can still refuse to be alone, right, sometimes it is sometimes limited, it sometimes changes at any time. But no matter how time and space change, the right thing is always beneficial to everyone, and it is good for the world, such as kindness, peace, frankness and tolerance. If you hang something on the tree, of course, the tree is heavy, the pressure of the tree, the sorrow of the tree. They will merge together to damage the tree and bend the branches together Cigarettes Types. If the flowers are made by the trees themselves, the flowers are not the burden of the trees, because they are integrated with the trees, which is the wonderful life of the trees. Therefore, they can only be the brilliance of the tree, the splendour of the tree. If the tree can't open the flowers, you have to see what nutrients it absorbs. Who is suffering from the damage and damage? No worry about the roses Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, no roses, so beautiful, so bright. As long as they are willing to make branches, leaves and leaves are incompatible, as long as they are willing to be together, they are afraid of the heart of the moon, not as good as the heart of the stars, because the heart of the stars is sweeter than the heart of the curved moon. , more rounded. You don't do anything at all, and the time is too long. If you are like a brick, put it on the wall, time is too short. Those who are enemies with time, if he is like a baby, even lying in the cradle, even if he is looked at by his mother, do not feel comfortable, you It is too tired to let others say that he is good and has fatigue. Let everyone be a friend. Flower, when you look at it, it is just a bud. When the wind blows, it blooms. It is a big month. When you look at it, it is big and clean. When a cloud of clouds swallowed it, it disappeared. When you escaped the year, let��s think about it any more. You can��t choose a lover who appreciates your wish. When you go to pick him up, he But in the long time Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, when you make up for all your picky crack years, you are not surprised at anything, and you have become sympathetic to the setbacks Newport 100S Cigarettes. When you are willing to sprinkle any lotus seeds into the heart of the lake, waiting to see it grows a little day and night, you are not so rich. In the year, you should focus on doing it, and you should not do it because you are afraid of doing something wrong. In the following year, because you have learned to appreciate, the jealousy on the jade is no longer a defect in your eyes, but the so-called perfection that a person has ever walked through. It is rooted in the crippling and finally completes fruit. The so-called incompleteness, it is the perfect root, if the remnant is not willing to nourish it, then the fruit of perfection will never mature, and the wall of He's is perfect. If He was at the beginning of the beginning, he couldn��t accept the incompleteness of the Qin Wang��s trip to his feet. How could he get the perfect jade that had been carved into a jade, although he had never lost a corner, never had A little embarrassed, there is no blood and tears. However, which one can become a national ancestor, if you can��t tolerate it, the world will not be purely complete. When you know that the beautiful, clean, white jade-like lotus flowers bloom out of the rotten, black Wuwu mud pond, do you want to give up the noble lotus flower? The predecessor of the mud?
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