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TEMA: If you can't forget

If you can't forget hace 1 semana, 3 días #73238

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If you can't forget, just to commemorate, only feel warm, then I would rather have only one season in my life, a smile to take away for a year. Who said it: Time is still there, we are flying away. - We always used to inscriptions, sitting in a period of time, quietly watching another time, time swallowed up the years, drowning waiting. There, perhaps the first silence, a forgotten weaving dream Newports Cigarettes Price. The yellowish leaves have already been scattered all over the place, and the yellow of the ground has rendered a bit of sorrow and desolateness. I can't help but sigh my life, where is the way home. Life is like a journey, stop and go all the way, see thousands of scenery, after one after another, leaving their own past and past. All the way to drift around the world, the sea is home, whether it has long been used to loneliness Newport 100S Price, used to a person silently, used to those strange and afraid. Whenever I stood on one strange street and looked at the passing vehicles, my heart could not help but burst into troubles. I remembered too many things like the past, leaving me with bitterness and desolateness. Being in a foreign country, I have never found a familiar feeling, but there are too many tastes of deja vu. Walking on the street, I occasionally saw a strange but familiar back, but I couldn��t remember if we had seen it before. I only left me alone in the silence of the place for a long time, and made a little bit of memories of the scattered sand. The cloud of smoke is like a picture Cigarette Wholesale, even though it appears in the mind. The simple years of the past have already left us. In the end, we discovered that we all changed our dreams, and they were always shattered under the washing of time. They always went far. Life is a one-way car, passing, and missed are no longer coming back. Don't go too fast, feel the feelings fully, and cherish it. There are a lot of roads that can't be turned back, just let it freeze into a landscape. No matter how cruel and helpless the reality is Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping, we must stubbornly believe that as long as we are unswervingly moving forward Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, all the haze will be blown away in the wind, a group of protagonists who are in the world to play thousands of plots, and a group of people are looking for them in the hustle and bustle. The quiet fool cloud will always drift away, please don't let the sun go. Nietzsche said: "Strong hope is a greater stimulant than any joy in life." The road to the future is really long and long. Even if you will get hurt and be confused, you must be determined not to go back and give yourself more. A little hope, a little embarrassing. No matter how turbulent and changing the world is, keep the innermost ignorance, simplicity, and kindness, because that is the real us, forget the original heart, and always be.
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